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Forrester Urbane

Forrester Urbane is a real estate advisement organization that prides itself on being able to handle the biggest and smallest of tasks involved in renting office space. Their services range far and wide as years of experience have gained them insight into every facet of the leasing process. The company's goal is to supply trust, communication, and competency during every phase of the job they are hired to perform. In the end, Forrester Urbane will save the leasee both time and money with the assurance of a job done to fruition with the highest degree of integrity and quality.

A minimal mark was selected in order to convey how Forrester Urbane will simplify the leasing and build-out processes. While it is a simple outline of the letter F, the upward trajectory is a nod to both progress and advancement of the client's goals as well as the physical structure of a staircase - grounding the mark in the real estate industry.