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Men's Depression

Men’s Depression is an organization dedicated to educating, helping and recruiting men who suffer from many forms of depression. Building off of the fine work the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and incorporating their One Man Talking to Another Man project, Men’s Depression intends to break down the barriers, help erase the stigma and create bridges to other affected men who can help each other recover from depression.

The sentiment of “having the blues” inspired a simple color palette that uses various shades of blue to express strength and hope to a predominantly male audience. The mark itself presents both solidity and fragility, expressing the reality of being a man with depression in a clear and direct way. Statistics provided by the NIMH and BJS Report were applied to the back of business cards with a strong tone of voice in order to impart the urgency of the problem that men with depression face. The website was designed responsively in an effort to make the information and support available to individuals no matter where they are in their day.